so many smiles begin with her


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Jamie Carpenter - She makes me smile :) Loving your pics!!

stacey - Big Big LOVE for these! They are simply beautiful. Of course I love your conversions, but those color photographs…oh man…love them. She is such a beauty and her curls, eyes, smile…lovely! Can’t say enough!

imene - she is indeed something to be smiling for. Beautiful little girl and lovely relationship!

Josh - These are gorgeous Toni!

katie - Maggie is such a darling… (i sound old i know!) but she is. these are really interesting shots with great expressions :) the colours are really interesting too. the second last shot is so raw… x

michelle - Firstly, stylish minimalistic new blog layout Toni. These portraits are certainly all Maggie. An authentic document of her at this age and stage,and as stricking as No1 is, I just keep going back to No3, the perspective, her expression, a really strong composition.

Kristy Mc Court - So glad you found that wall! Love you Maggie Moo x

Monika Eisenbart - I love those candid moments. First image is just killing me. She is so mysterious and I know you wanted to captured something like this and OMG you did!!!!! I love the last two pictures. Simple and beautiful.

Jamie - She is simply adorable!!

rebecca - what a perfect little series of her. totally adorable. good stuff, sister!

Rhonda - #1 and 3 – sigh. And the series of 4 in the middle – she’s just a perfect wee brunette bundle. I just adore her expressions. ox

Leanne Brischetto - Ahhhhh such beautiful moments captured Toni! You have such a gift x

Luisa Brimble - eeeeeeeeeeeesssssssshhhhhhhhh toni this is your little baby???? eeeeekkkkk she’s so cutezzzz!!!!!! shot in film?

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